I would like to congratulate you upon the completion of a major study on the Strategic Objectives of the MEF.

It is a very comprehensive report of outstanding quality and is highly innovative in terms of approach, methodology, contents and recommendations. It is an excellent piece of research that shows your full understanding and grasp of the complexity of the organisation with which you have dealt in a masterly manner. It is undoubtedly the best study ever conducted on the MEF.

Your path-breaking study will be instrumental in shaping the new sense of direction and vison of the MEF. I am sure that its implementation will have a definite impact on the role and evolution of the MEF at the national, regional and international levels.

The findings provide a blueprint for the formulation of the policy and strategy of the MEF so that the organisation can position itself to face the daunting challenges of development and of globalisation.

We have had the pleasure of being associated with a high calibre professional like you and would like to thank you for your outstanding achievement.

Dr. Azad Jeetun



Mauritius Employees Federation