Organisations must continuously improve business risk controls with an eye towards tomorrow’s standards. Competitive advantage has become increasingly fleeting. Global markets and fierce competition are drastically reducing reaction time for countering competitor actions and satisfying changing customer needs. The way corporate bureaucracy has been delaying decisions while information travels up and down the chain of command is fatal in rapidly changing environments. Authority and decision-making power must now be delegated downward into the hands of employees and operating managers.

Inevitably, rapid change and empowerment bring added-risks. Managers must find the right balance between providing authority and maintaining control. As a result global businesses need a new paradigm for business risk management

Our new model of business risk control embraces the idea that business risk management must be an ongoing and organisation-wide endeavor. Rather than treat business risk management as a series of one-off activities, we convert it to a process. Our model is flexible enough to address both uncontrollable and controllable risks.

Our methodology identifies and reduces business risks to levels acceptable to both top management and key stakeholders. Our integrated process approach leads our passionate team to:

  • •Assess business risk
  • •Determine risk limits
  • •Design the risk map
  • •Evaluate business controls
  • •Identify performance gaps
  • •Design mitigating controls
  • •Implement improvements

Our proven methodology identifies three key elements essential to an integrated business risk management approach: the development of a ‘common business risk language’, the installation of an effective organisation control structure, and the creation of a ‘process view’ of the business.

STRATEGOS  assesses and improves the management and mitigating controls to be put in place after evaluating the risk map developed from a deep understanding of the organisations activities and controls in place