Great organisations need great people to reach their strategic goals.

Success depends on having the right people at the right time with the right knowledge, skills and attitude.

The best businesses make sure they are clear about how their people perform and what they offer.

We are a leading provider of high level specialist and focused HR consultancy and outsourced HR services. We provide Strategic Human Resource Consulting services and support in key areas of Human Capital Management.

We provide organisations with Human Capital Solutions that result in measurably improved employee and organisational performance while minimizing employment practice risks.

Our human resource services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication,employee motivation morale and business performance.

Our passionate team delivers on best practices for human capital management, talent management and approaches to learning and development.

STRATEGOS offers a wide variety of Human Capital Consulting Services which includes :

  • •Human resource management
  • •Talent management
  • •Role of the HR function
  • •Role of the HR practitioner
  • •Strategic human resource management
  • •Review of job guidelines
  • •Competency-based HRM
  • •The delivery of learning and training
  • •Performance management
  • •Reward management fundamentals
  • •Grade and pay structures
  • •Team building
  • •3600feedback