It is increasingly recognized that making real progress with complex policy initiatives requires more than what conventional problem solving approaches typically achieve. The challenge of how to move from a divergence of ideas and opinions to one of clear understanding and consensual. Collaboration is key. We involve employees and stakeholders, collect their perspectives, and add it to other intelligence created from our knowledge base and other network so as to chart out a successful architecture and chemistry for the new orientation, vision and role of organisations. Our process of co-generation of ideas is a best practice that also successfully creates the platform for change and take the organisational performance beyond.

We move beyond traditional problem solving techniques and adopt a collaborative approach in a positive direction towards desired outcomes. Bringing all the concerned parties together builds a sense of shared ownership. Therefrom, the commitment collaboration for solutions and delivery crystallizes and the real momentum for change made easy.

Our internationally proven facilitation process originated from Arthur Andersen and has been substantially improved and aligned to modern best practices. It is today widely used and has been found to be very effective among all our clients locally and worldwide.

Our methodology ensures that the stakeholders support the purpose behind collaboration, whilst ensuring that the right people are involved in the right timed phases of our assignments, so as to co-generate the future. Our proven processes help  the participants think more positively, whilst unlocking their potential to see the opportunities beyond and to engage them in creating a collective picture of the future, in understanding the current reality in relation to the desired future, and in defining the way forward.


Our facilitation process uses proven techniques, in an integrated and focused approach, to establish new ideas and gain consensus among participants. Our sessions are organized around internationally proven techniques of group facilitation, brainstorming and collaborative decision-making. Different types of thinking techniques are used in the process so as to sort out  ideas, impact a rational organisation to those ideas and then systematically assess, evaluate and prioritize them.

STRATEGOS aligns its interventions with its internationally proven Facilitation methodology which leads to:

  • •Better conclusions based on broad understanding and open discussion;
  • •Better methods of information collection and synthesis;
  • •Reduced cost and time to perform high-quality analysis
  • •Efficient design of the broad future strategic road map.