Strategos is a Mauritian based Management Consulting Firm that provides customized advisory services to leading organisations, both from the Private and the Public Sectors in Mauritius, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Our functional practice areas address Strategy, Process, Organisational Design, Facilitation, Business and Corporate Planning, Risk Consulting, Process Improvement, Governance, Human Resource Consulting, Change Management, Audit, Project Management and Training and Capacity Building needs amongst a range of various other consulting services.


Our vision is:

“To be a top-of-mind, performance driven and trusted advisory firm with a reputation for excellence in service delivery”


“We deliver beyond”


Our values are the lynchpin of our organisation. We practice these values every day, in every interaction, with every colleague, peer, client and stakeholders. These values are inherent in everything we do. They are:

·         Passion

·         Innovation and Creativity

·         Boundaryless Behaviour

OUR APPROACH - Empowering Businesses – Engineering Success

We believe that success can only be achieved when vision and goals are realized by aligning together dedication, commitment, hard work, and passion for excellence.

We have developed a series of methodologies and best practices from decades of consulting experience from former Arthur Andersen, DCDM, and BDO. These, together with best practices, form the foundation of our unique strategic philosophy, technicity, and approach. We then, through passionate technocracy, customize these to address the needs of our individual clients. The result is a fully customized solution package designed to provide maximum value to our clients.

We thus have methodologies and frameworks which help solve our clients’ problems in ways that can be uniquely tailored to their needs. We have a diverse and wide-ranging talent and skills pool, solidifying our reputation for being an advisory firm that gets things done.

We provide our clients with practical and simple solutions to achieve powerful results.

The benefits for our clients include:

·         Improved accountability

·         Increased organisational capacity

·         Resource optimization

·         Improved performance of resources, team & organisations

·         Improved Business Performance in terms of Profitability, Growth and Market Share

·         Improved Business Sustainability


We ensure execution excellence through our people, their experience, our knowledge base, our domain expertise and best practices.

Our consultants leverage their deep industry expertise to partner with clients through our unique facilitation methodology. We quickly identify the root causes of issues and cogenerate the practical solutions that deliver maximum results.

Our consultants dig deeper for answers, and with commitment and passion, develop practical solutions for improved business performance. They have been trained and developed to possess, through our consultative approach, a mind-set of a true results-oriented relationship builder. We provide innovative tools and methodologies that stimulates the strategic thinking for our clients and enable them to see beyond the horizon. Our team of talented people continually improve their capabilities, methods and knowledge, to passionately create value for our clients.

Our team solves critical problems with pragmatic solutions that are executable and to which we ensure internal buy-in. Our customised approach equates to no wasted effort and maximum output of the engagement.


Our management consulting services deliver effective solutions that yield competitive advantage for our clients. The STRATEGOS advantage is comprised of several factors, which together, provide real and implementable practical and value adding solutions. We upfront engage in a solution design driven mindset and strategic execution.

We develop true partnerships with our clients, understand their specific needs, and tailor solutions to properly address their biggest challenges.

We continually examine how we deliver value and use our past experiences to continuously improve our consulting approach, tools and methodologies, combining industry-tested methods and models with our own depth of knowledge from engagements across various industry sectors in different countries. Through continuous learning and training, our consultants keep abreast of trends and changes in the marketplace to ensure that our advices and recommendations are timely, relevant, reliable, up-to-date and value-adding.

The passion for exceptional customer service with innovative and creative approaches is the foundation and hallmark of our firm.


For each assignment, we have a unique value proposition that differentiates ourselves from the rest.

Our key differentiators are our approach, tools and methodologies, our experience, our strategic focus on optimisation and our passion for excellence.